Quietly getting the job done!

Posted on: 11 Jan 2015

Hey Buzzers!


Apologies for not being on much.... Work... Home... Child...



I didn't get in on the ballot........Again!!!! But I have secured a place through running for the RNLI.

Its great to be in and I love running for a charity I believe in (lived by the sea all my life) but its blooming hard work!


So.... Training started in ernest back in September though took 5 weeks off in November and Christmas is always a funny time of year 😀 Been getting a few miles under the belt as hadn't done any running since my half marathon PB in April. Trying to run 2 or 3 times a week fitting in when I can at lunchtime at work and a long run at the weekend. My long runs are now up to 14 miles last week.... Though I only did 12 today but I made it a hill session... Ouch!

Pace is getting there.... I'm really trying to hold it back but I can't help myself. 1st mile today in a 6:02 without trying but I paid for it in the latter hill stages. Mostly been averaging 7 min miles.... Though on the shorter quick lunch runs I can get a negative split doing 3 miles at 6:45 pace and the return 3 at 6:25 pace. 😀

This year I am targeting sub 3:05 for that elusive GFA time!

However, think I may have been pushing it a little as starting to get a sore lower left shin and calf muscle. Think it may have been caused by my shoes reaching 500 miles so time to change them over for a shiny pair of Brooks .... Thank you January sales!!!😀😀


Hope to be on here more often and keep you updated with how I go!



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