Playing the long game!

Posted on: 06 Mar 2013

So after 3 weeks of being severly hampered through injury I have changed tactic and am playing the long game. Last Sunday's failed run of 4 miles was a harsh lesson in needing to recover.


I am itching to do some serious running as I have effectively tapered off and my body feels full of energy and needs to run long and fast but my knee isn't capable of supporting that.


So this week I am ditching my mid week run (assuming that it will also be a failure) and focussing on strength and balance training at the gym as well as plenty of time with my new foam roller (it is actually starting to feel less painful).


I am also trying to sit better at work as I have notced that when sat at my desk for long periods my leg and knee aches (especially around the hamstring).


If all bodes well I shall attempt a run at the weekend.


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