4 miles will not a marathon make!

Posted on: 01 Mar 2013

So after Sundays failed LSR (only 9 miles out of 17), I was in London on Tuesday night and thought I woudl try a nice flat jog along the Thames.


It started ok and my ITBS didn't feel too bad. In fact without trying my pace was a steady 7:10/mile although I really was trying hard to jog slowly!


I only ended up doing 4 miles as after 3 miles my ITBS started to really kick in and it was too painful to continue. This sort of distance and training is not going to get me through the marathoo and I am on the verge of conceeding that I will not be able to hit my target time or indeed anywhere close to it.


Sitting at my desk all day at work I have noticed that on top of my IT band, my hamstring is also beginning to feel tight.... so I have invested in a foam roller after hearing very good things about these and also on the advice of my physio.


I plumped for the more expensive roller which doesn't lose shape and gave it a test last night on my hamstring and ITB. It definitely felt like I had a 18 stone hulk of a masseuse pressing down on me and getting right into the leg. Painful but in a really good way!


Going to keep on with this and try a long run on Saturday. Will be happy if I can get back into double figures but will definitely be taking it easy.


Given the time that I am losing on my plan I am considering shortening the tapeing phase with a hope that it might buy me enough time to get up to 20 miles and stand half a chance!


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