A confession......

Posted on: 09 Apr 2015

I'm guilty..... Guilty of a most heinous crime.... Surprised


I'm one of those people who wants to do so much but struggles to find the time. As a result I run sparingly but run hard... My crime however........ Is not stretching 🙊


When I ran 20 miles I simply left the house and ran. When I returned I probably spent a minute or less doing some halfhearted stretching before taking an ice bath. The ice bath is a recent addition, previous runs and shorter runs I won't stretch at all and just head straight for the shower.


So.... What punishment do I get for this crime so ghastly?


Well.... After my last post where I worried about an injury I headed to a local university sports injury clinic where I can get a 55 minute treatment session for just £12.50.


My student physio for the day was at first impressions the lovely Ellie. However that soon changed when she began the treatment and declared that I had a lot of scar tissue and gristle in my legs which was most likely the cause of my discomfort.

The lovely Ellie soon became my tormentor and proceeded to put me through 45 minutes of agonising deep tissue massage trying to break up the gristle and scar tissue. When I was brave enough to murmour a tiny squeak of agony it was sharply met with a "thats what happens when you don't stretch!".


Finally she took each leg and got me to try and raise them one at a time. Clearly dissatisfied with my efforts she proceeded to stretch my hamstrings out until it felt like I was almost bent double. 


Battered and bruised I meekly promised to spend more time with my roller and to stretch more before and after running.


I hope to try the legs out with a light run tomorrow lunchtime..... And yes I will be stretching!

And for some reason I even said I would go back and get repeated treatments for the next 2 weeks before the marathon.... Oh dear god!!!!!!


**hangs my head in shame**

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