Declaring Realbuzz Bankruptcy...

Posted on: 16 Jun 2016

....confessions of a crap realbuzzer.

There has been some amazing realbuzz acheivements over the past two months.  However I've been totally off the radar.  Life got very stressful for a few months for reasons that I won't get into on here.  And social media generally took a bit of a hit a s a result. Things have improved now but I'm so behind on realbuzz that I'm not even going to try and catch up as it would take forever  Embarassed  .  I also feel that I need to earn my realbuzz stripes again!

I've enjoyed being able to run just two or three times a week going as far and as fast as I like (which, as it turns out, hasn't been very fast at all as my speed as plummeted!).  I've also been doing a regular kettlebell class (which I LOVE); and some different sports. RD and I played badmintion with some friends a couple of weeks ago and my legs are still recovering.  I haven't played it for a good 15 years + and it was great fun.

I'll have to pick things up in August ready for Snowdon again but in the meantime I'm happy to relax.

I'm so looking forward to catching up with a few Buzzers this weekend in Hawkesbury.  The 5k certainly won't be a fast one for me (especially as I imagine that there might be a few drinks the night before!); but my plan is to simply enjoy it!

See you all soon!

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