can't believe i forgot to post that we did it!!

Posted on: 03 Jan 2016

Well, more than a year has passed and I am ashamed to note that I didn't post the final entry to this boy!! Needless to say, we did it and we did indeed cross the line holding hands ☺ the day was not without its challenges, the most notable being that mich's insistence in covering her bum with a tight bum-bag (feeling suddenly self-conscious on race day) ended up with her throwing up at the halfway mark (she had it on corset-tight lol). Once she discarded it at the halfway point and finished being sick, we ploughed on and finished in 5hrs 52, with the biggest smile you have ever seen plastered all over her face. The pride on every face of our family (including her two children) will forever remain in my mind!! What an amazing thing to do together :)

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