Making my way to the start line

Posted on: 27 Aug 2014

When did you start running?  It’s a common enough question between runners and a difficult one  to answer.  Technically like most people I’ve been running since I could walk.  Except it is not quite the same. Memories of childhood running are of joyous, short, sharp, lung busting sprints where you run so fast you can’t breathe anymore.  It certainly wasn’t the paced and planned methodical type of running I try to practice as an adult. The annual one mile physical education test at primary school, where we were forced to run tedious loops around the football pitch, was my idea of hell as I straggled at the back fighting off a stitch whilst desperately trying to breathe.  This was the memory of running that stayed with me as I headed into my teens and beyond and it would no exaggeration to say that during this period of my life I probably never even ran for a bus.

I was introduced to running again when I moved in with my then boyfriend (and now husband) who was a regular runner.  My initial bemusement that anyone would ever willing go out on an early morning run turned to slight fascination; perhaps this was something I could try after all. My initial attempt at running came to an abrupt end however as I made it no further than the end of the street.  I returned to our flat with a sense of shame that I was so out of shape and out of breath after a two minute run. When I did re-emerge to run again it was a couple of years later with a proper training plan and a determination to enter the Glasgow Women’s 10k.  I can still remember the elation I felt when I managed to run for ten minutes without stopping for the first time. I was off and away and despite long periods of not running and inconsistent training I have considered myself a runner of sorts ever since.

Last year I decided to join a running club which has changed my attitude to running immensely and I have started to improve in so many different ways. After more than ten years of running, interspersed with false starts and many many interruptions, I feel have reached a new starting line.  This year I have completed my first marathon, discovered off-road running, have finally achieved a sub 2:00 hour half marathon as well as new personal bests for 10k and 5k.  Most importantly now that I run with other people I have started to love running in a way that I never did before. It feels great to be heading towards forty knowing that I am getting better and will hopefully continue to do so for some time yet.  I will never be a top club runner, never mind an elite athlete but I want to push myself and discover what “good” looks like for me.  That process of discovery is what this blog is about; a place to record ambitions, frustrations, achievements and inevitable setbacks and most importantly the fun that running brings.

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