RPM Training Week One

Posted on: 26 Nov 2012

The first week went really well. It did feel odd running four days in a row. I took Saturday off, which was my day of rest, that also felt odd as I wasn't running.

Monday's 30 minute run was easy, peaceful and without any hiccups. Nothing much to write about as its something that wasn't difficult. I made sure every step counted and I didn't start on a sprint, I did finish feeling like I could have done more, which is a good thing.
Tuesday's run was a little nerve-wracking. Max effort run for 75 seconds, followed by a 3 minute walk, repeated 6 times.  I got into the swing of things about the fourth time round and on the final time, I went for it. I was well happy and on a high. I did notice that I recovered quicker from that than I did on the run the day before.
Wednesday was a 10 minute jog and then a 20 minute run. Mentally very welcoming as I didn't feel up to a day of max effort again. The jog did feel very easy, comfortable and genetic, like it had become my new walk. I was able to gauge the pace for the run based on the interval training I had done, which really helped and even though it was only the first week, began to understand why the training plan is written the way it is.
My run in Thursday was an interval session again, but was 60 secs instead of 75. I did notice that my legs were a little fatigued before I started, so I paid attention to making sure they were warmed up and gave them a slight stretch.  Once I got underway, I was more interested in the session more than how I felt. It was very balanced compared to the session on Tuesday, again, it left me buzzing.
Friday was a 30 minute run. I was mentally challenged as I felt fatigued and lethargic again, however, I just got on with it, listening to my body and not getting fixated on any little thing physiological anomaly.
Saturday was my day of rest. Ah! Visit the family, and help get stuff ready for my Nephews Baptism the following day. This was a very welcome break.
It's Fartlek time! Kenyan style! 2 mins fast run, followed by a 1 min slow run, which was repeated for 30 minutes. My target was 45 but my body and mind said enough was enough after half an hour.  I patted myself on the back for a run and a first week well done.
A couple of psychological experiences to was regarding how I was in the morning and before the start of the workout. Every morning following my training I would put a barrier as to wether or not I would train that evening based on how I felt upon waking up, not taking into account that I had about nine hours to go before the next session. Of course, once I'd got to work, and got on with my day, I was fine.
Occasionally, pre workout, I thought that training almost every day was a bad idea, as I thought I was going to get an injury. I soon got rid of that by listening to my body, warming up properly, zipping up my man suit, manning up and not whining like a little girly-man!

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