A bit of spontaneity...

Posted on: 17 Dec 2012

After doing the weekly big shop at Sainsbury's with my wife, we decided that we would spend the rest of the day indoors, even though the weather was warmer than it had been over the last two weeks.

In a moment of brialliance, she suggested that I go and get a long run in as it was the perfect weather for me, sunny and cool.

I didn't really have a destination in mind, it was more of a heading. So, I decided there and then to put some serious miles in.

I put in to practice the run/walk ratio used by ultra distance runners, which is to run for 20 minutes and walk for 5 minutes, occassionally I had to make it 15/5 as it was getting tough in parts.

I always make sure that my routes go past superstores, malls and parks, just in case I need to use the loo.  It doesn't matter how strong your core is, always run in the vacinity of bathroom facilities!

Once I had got home and checked my GPS, it said that I had bagged 14 miles.  Beats lazying on a Sunday afternoon.

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