The countdown continues.

Posted on: 22 Aug 2016

Morning all.

So, the message remains the same as it always will.

On 10 September, we run.  We run as Realbuzzers.  Wherever we are, however far we can, we run.  Whilst the miles may separate us, our cause and our ties unite us.

I know that most of you know the story, but, like the tale of Christmas, it just needs to keep on being told.  And, like the Christmas tale, it just gets better and better as it gets retold. 

It was a legend of running, Oggie, who came up with the ideaa few years ago.  Every year, we run for a charity close to one of our number.  We donate what we can, and we run what we can.  There is no set donation amount, there is no distance we have to complete or course that we have to follow.  All we have to do is lace 'em up and run.

Every cause we have raised sums of money that have made a difference to a charity.  This year, it is no different I know.  The cause this year is the Eve Appeal.  We've chosen it as to do what we can to support Hollywood's wife, Michelle, as she fights cancer.  She has him beside her, and he has us alongside him, shoulder to shoulder.

I know HD won't thank me for talking at length about him.  Generally, I wouldn't want to do anything to annoy him - I wouldn't say that he's a man that I'd want to cross!  But this time?  Ah, bollocks to it.  So, here goes.

I'd been blogging sporadically since 2010.  I made a decision to return to the site in 2013.  I know that I talk for many when I say that it was one of the best things that I did.  You see, starting to blog again introduced me to this amazing man.  His moniker, of course, is Hollywood.  Well, if that film industry introduced him as a superhero in one of its movies, you'd think "no-one's like that in real life."  But, we know that he is.  He is one of us, but he is so much more than that.  Who here hasn't been inspired by his deeds?  Whenever he is told he can't do something, well, he just goes out and proves everyone wrong.  Who here hasn't been inspired by his words of support and inspiration.  Surely none of us hasn't had a supportive comment on a blog, or a text in advance of a run that says all that we need to hear.  He is our baton holder in chief, our head tubthumper, our inspiration.

Now he is in a battle alongside Michelle.  Again, I know I am not alone in feeling helpless, and wishing that there was more that I could do.  Now's our chance, people.

If you'd like to find out more about The Eve Appeal, you can at this link.

If you're able to donate, then you can at the link below.  Please remember, there is no set donation amount; your generosity, whatever the amount, will make a difference.

What to wear?  RED is the colour!!

Let's keep the countdown clock moving, let's show our support for Hollywood and his wife, let's run together and paint the country red!

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