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Posted on: 04 Sep 2016

How are we feeling, folks?  I hope we're feeling like we're ready to do all that we can to support the cause.  No cause is ever anything than special to us, of course; every time we have run on one of these days, we have run for a cause that is close to one of us.  And, as I have said before, if it matters to one of us, then it matters to all of us.

This year?  Ah, well this year, as you know, we run to support our head coach, our chief inspiration, Hollywood.  Well, Hollywood and, of course, his wife Michelle as she fights cancer.  For that reason, we are running for the Eve Appeal; there can be few more worthy causes surely?

So, whatever your plans are for next Saturday, make them include a run.  Remember, it doesn't have to be far.  The distance doesn't matter at all, you see; it's the fact that we are out, running, with a cause in mind, that's the important thing.  So, for many of us, it may be a Park Run; how fab is that - you're supporting two awesome causes in one run.  For others, it may be farther than 5K, and later than 9am.  Again, I say, it doesn't matter.  

But we will be running with a cause in mind.  I know that makes me run harder, maybe further.  This time will certainly be no different.  Indeed, this time, I may even feel more inspired.

You see, surely I can't be the only one who's asked himself the question as he's been running; "what would Hollywood do?"

When the yards are tough, what would he do?  He'd grit his teeth, and pound 'em out.

When the wind is howling, the rain is sheeting?  He'd smile and turn into the wind.

When we're at home, and getting nervous about a run?  He'd send a text of support, an inspiring photo, words of battle.

When we're out there running?  He'd send another text, its comforting buzz in your arm holster reminding you that there is no way you are alone as you battle with the gods of running.

When we blog?  Well, his comments will always be to the forefront - they'll be emotional, they'll be inspiring, they'll pick us up.  Like a good cup of tea, he always knows how to hit the spot.

When we're criticised?  Well, his full aim will be turned at our critics, they'll receive both barrels and know to think twice before crossing a Buzzer again.

For so many other reasons, we all know the answers to that question, "What would Hollywood do?"  He'd support us to the hilt; when there are many, many other calls on his time, he'll be someone to rely on.  We all know that.

Well, now's our time to pay him back for all of those words, texts, supportive blogs, inspirational (and, quite frankly, often completely mad!) runs.  It's time for us to acknowledge the words of Len Wein (words, may I just say, that I used as part of a best man's speech - words that I used for another great friend of mine).

Yep, it's nearly time for us to lace 'em up.

On a yard, one and all.



Please remember, there is no set limit to donate; there is no need to donate at all.  If you want to donate to The Eve Appeal, you can do so here.


To find out more about them and their work, you can visit their website.


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