We're up and we'll soon be running.

Posted on: 12 Jul 2016

Morning all.

I know that most of you know the story, but it never hurts to retell a best seller.  In 2013, one of our number, Oggie, had an idea.  Like many great ideas, it was brilliant in its simplicity.

Every year, we choose a date.  This year it is 10 September.  On that day, we run.  We run where we like, when we like, how far we like.  Whether we run in company, or alone, we are never by ourselves.  Because on that day, even more than any other, the Realbuzz mantra of "shoulder to shoulder" holds true.  Across the miles, the invsible ties that bind, well, they bind us tight.

Every year, we will choose a cause.  It's always a cause close to one of us.  If it matters to one of us, it matters to all of us.  On the given day, we will donate what we can for the cause, we will lace up our daps, and we'll run.

This year, we are running for the Eve Appeal. Hollywood Dave, our chief motivator, is a man we all respect and care for.  His battles (and they are always successful) are numerous, his courage and commitment knows no bounds.  Well now he's got another battle to fight, and we want to help him fight it.  His wife, Michelle, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  The Eve Appeal raises money to research that cancer specifically.  So, we want to raise money to help them, to help Michelle.

You can find out more about them here.


I've set up a Just Giving page.  Again, I will say, there is no minimum distance to run, there is no minimum donation to give.  Run as far as you want, donate what you are able.  Every mile always gets us closer to our goal, and every pound donated gets The Eve Appeal closer to its.

The Just Giving page is here.


This page will be updated regularly over the next couple of months.  The measage will always be the same;

Lace 'em up for Mrs.Hollywood, and on a yard we go.

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