I'm back!(..........ish)

Posted on: 01 Nov 2015

October: the 3rd month in succession where I've failed to reach 100 kms. (Though 97.5 is an improvement on September's 83.8, admittedly.) Shameful! - particularly in the light of the heroic deeds being achieved last weekend. So I set out yesterday (31st October) for a 14 km Halloween run. I didn't see any witches, ghouls, or hobgoblins (or if I did, they were well-disguised as other runners and walkers); and the only creatures I saw with horns, hooves, and tails were the goats. On the way home, a black cat was about to cross my path, but thought better of it and skittered off in the other direction.

The previous day, Saturday, had been beautiful, and I expected the same today......... but no, it was dull and misty. I waited in hope, but the sun never did make it through, so it was late afternoon by the time I headed off into the woods. While the light lasted, I wandered randomly about the Bireggwald, enjoying scuffing through the thick carpet of fallen leaves and admiring the almost luminous brilliance of the autumn colours. After revisiting the Vita Parcours and the Path to Nowhere, I made my way up to Oberrüti and did 3 rounds of the fig. of 8. (Was only planning on 2, but running on autopilot for a while, I found I had somehow embarked on a 3rd.) This left me a bit short of light to get out of the woods, but I took it slowly, remembering to pick my feet up, apropos of lots of roots and rocks concealed under the leaves. It was actually a bit spooky once the light went; the misty twilight starts playing tricks on your eyes, and the trees seem to crowd in, vaguely threatening.......... But I made it out okay, and headed down towards Sternegg. I considered going over to Wartegg and the Wagner Museum via the Bit of Woodland, but an experimental foray along the Gardens Path convinced me it was now too dark for that. (Memo: 4.10 is TOO LATE to be starting a long run (or what currently passes for one) in the woods now the clocks have gone back and it's dark by half past 5.) So I turned for home along the road, adding in as many small diversions as possible to reach my target. Even so, it was not quite enough. It was hard to run past my door and fit in a final loop round the block - by now I was feeling a bit cold, a bit tired, rather creaky in the knee department, and ravenously hungry - but 14 kms was planned, and 14 done. It took just under 2 hours. This probably seems very slow (okay, no 'seems' about it!), but it also included a fair amount of 'Höhenmeter': 312 metres of up, 311 of down, according to Garmin; much of it on quite tricky trails, and some in near-darkness. So I can live with that.

Home. Hot tea and a slab of marroni cake - tastes so good when you've earned it! Showered and changed, and with a meal in preparation, I sat down at the computer to input the results. I was a little vexed to discover that I HADN'T reached 100, having misremembered the month's total so far as 86 instead of 83. (That's why 14 kms.) But there was no way I was going back out now to make up the missing 2.5!

Ah well, November is another month...........

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