A Multiplicity of Marathons

Posted on: 21 Oct 2015

It's going to be quite a weekend for marathons. Not only is there the Snowdonia one, there are 3 in Switzerland: our local one in Luzern (doubling this year as the Swiss championship); another road marathon in Lausanne - both these on Sunday; and the trail marathon Transruinaulta along the Rhine gorge, companion event to the Transviamala which I did last year. (Particularly intrepid types do the double.) J. originally wanted to do this one, but the achilles problem put paid to that. It might have interested me too, had my weekend not been otherwise spoken for. One day, maybe........... I do however know someone who is doing it, so will be interested to hear her take on it. Nearer home, Mr. Frehner (RuediRennt, charity runner extraordinaire, whom I had the pleasure of running with in 2012) is pacemaking again, this time the 1:45 half marathon instead of the 4 hour marathon, as is running group leader Gianni; and my friend Jonas is also running the marathon, as he has done every year since it started, 9 years ago now, though without ever managing to better his debut time.
And me? - just spectating. Not even chancing the 5 Mile Run this year, since the theatre has YET AGAIN put a performance in which my participation is required on that day - and not even any old performance, but a premiere. That being 'Sweeney Todd', and a marathon in itself. We're in the middle of the final week of rehearsals, and it's pretty gruelling. It will be nice to get a life back...........
So no, I haven't been running much. The last time was a week ago, and that was just an 8 km midday jaunt round the woods - unspectacular but pleasant, and good for sorting out a head cluttered up with text and music. A few days before that, there was a short walk, also in the woods, where we encountered Jonas out training, and also a very unafraid-seeming mouse foraging about in the undergrowth right next to the path - it didn't run away even when I was standing just a couple of feet away. I fear both my fitness and my motivation have currently hit a decline. My 'get up and go' has got up and gone! It's not so much the time I can't find, it's the energy. I think I need to recharge my batteries, then re-start. Also it hasn't helped that we've had a week of truly miserable weather, very cold and wet and gloomy (though that's no real excuse, I know, and my normally fairly hardcore self would not have let it put me off.) October can be so lovely............. but this definitely isn't. So on Sunday, as the rain poured down, and lured by a batch of new releases, I devoted my day to Family History - something else I haven't had much free time for lately. With some success - now back to 1666! (Possibly even 1638, though I need to visit the Derbyshire Records Office next summer to check that out.)
There were actually another couple of walks that haven't yet had a mention, but probably deserve it. Maybe I'll get round to it eventually, but I'm too tired and strapped for time at the moment.
Ah well, I'll think about you all at the weekend, as I sit at my computer tracking you around Snowdonia (work permitting), then standing at the roadside applauding for a few hours (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!) before heading off to work. Maybe it will provide the inspiration I need to relight the fire.

A quick PS: since I wrote the above on Tuesday night (or rather, early Wednesday morning), I received the glad tidings that I'm not needed this evening, so I'm just about to head out into the gloom for another head-clearing jaunt. Looking forward to it.......... I think.
Anyway, runners everywhere, and especially the weekend's marathoners: good luck!

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