'I've started, so I'll finish..........'

Posted on: 16 Jun 2015

It's been an exciting weekend, but before I can move on to that, I just need to fill in the previous 4 weeks. (Shouldn't take long - there wasn't much!)

After the 40k round Bielersee, it seemed legitimate to take it easy for a few days, let the bruised toes and sore muscles recover.......... Unfortunately I rather overdid the relaxation! - with the result that in those 4 weeks, I got out of the habit, and ran a grand total of 3 times: an 8.5 kms, and twice 7 kms. (Hangs head in shame.) I could try producing excuses (said afflictions; a busy programme of rehearsals and performances as the theatre season wound to an end; the 'works outing', and resultant feeling of fragility the next day! some very hot weather; some very wet weather; some very hot AND very wet weather, complete with big thunderstorms..........) but none of them adequate.

At least there was some walking! - a lot of 'incidental' walking (to work and back, etc.) and the odd ramble round the woods, as I collected steps; the most memorable of these was a return visit to the evolving nature reserve at Allmend. No sign of any tadpoles now - they must already have turned into frogs - but we did see a fox. There were also two more serious walks. The first of these, a week after Biel, took us from Mettmenstetten (reached by train) up onto the Albis ridge, that long spine extending from Zürich to Sihlbrugg, and over its highest point, the surprisingly strenuous Albishorn. From here, the plan was to walk down to Sihlbrugg, get a bus to Baar, and the train home. But I had not actually checked the bus timetable, and it occurred to us that there might not be one on a Sunday evening at this time. So we decided to give Sihlbrugg a miss and head directly to Baar, which extended the walk from the planned 12ish to 19 kms - a bit longer than the still damaged toes and post-Biel muscle twinges appreciated! It took us through a pleasant and peaceful tract of countryside, though, past the historic 'Milchsuppenstein', where opposing armies once met, and spontaneously decided to resolve their differences peaceably, instead of beating each other to pulp: the Zürich soldiers provided bread, the Zug ones milk (I think it was that way round), and they made milk soup and ate it together. History proves that the truce didn't last, alas, and they were back to massacring each other a couple of years later. The final couple of kms, plodding randomly around Baar in search of the station, were a bit wearisome, but a nice plateful of freshly cooked chips, eaten outside the cafe opposite as evening drew in, seemed a deserved reward for our efforts.

The other one, two weeks later, took us back to Seelisberg to complete the 'Weg der Schweiz'. In the words of Mr. Magnus Magnusson, "I've started, so I'll finish"........... except that strictly speaking, we didn't. Not the official route, anyway. We took an alternative route down to Rütli (Switzerland's birthplace) to enable us to catch the next ship across to Brunnen, where the walk up to Morschach would complete the latter end of the route. But again we deviated from the official route, by accident this time - it just disappeared from the signposts, leaving us following another path for a while, before rejoining it for the last few hundred metres into Morschach, where we once again adjourned to our favourite restaurant. So the spirit of the Weg der Schweiz was finally accomplished, if not the letter, and there I am content to leave it and move on to other things.

(You see, I CAN be concise!)

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