Posted on: 09 Apr 2015

........ was largely a theoretical concept last week. Between an ongoing dental saga and some truly atrocious weather (wind, rain, sleet, hail........), my mood was certainly anything but sunny. I was hoping for a more productive week than the previous one, but it was not to be. It started out not too badly on the Monday, with an outing along the lake. Windy and intermittently spitting with rain, storm warning lights flashing across the lake, but tolerable for the 57 minutes it took. I wanted to go to the school track, but it was in use by a large group, so we went to the Ufschötti instead, couple of rounds there, then various roads and paths back: 7.18 kms. (And a total of 138 kms for March.)

Tuesday was when things started to unravel. What I expected to be a simple check-up and clean turned into something of an emergency when the dentist detected something rather nasty happening under a crown, and said it had to be removed and treated as soon as possible. So the next day (April 1st) found me back there, undergoing a 1 1/2 hour dental marathon. You don't need all the details, but it was not pleasant, and my jaw ached horribly from holding it wide open all that time. (Oddly for an opera singer, I have a very small jaw.) Equipped with a temporary crown and another appointment for the 13th April, I finally escaped. To add insult to injury, I got hailed on on the way there, and almost blown over on the way home. Cancelled Tuesday evening's rehearsal, but back at work Wednesday and Thursday.

Good Friday: a free day, so out running with J. Another cold and miserable day, but the wind had dropped enough to make the woods a feasible destination again. Nothing special, just various standard rounds, and fairly ploddy. The one glimmer of something positive was that my knee was feeling as close to pain-free as it ever gets these days, and I even considered (for about a nanosecond) a race the next day. It's one I last did 16 years ago, so a return visit seemed due........ although it's quite far away - a couple of hours, and anything up to 4 trains/buses. With this in mind, I kept the distance fairly short (8.5 kms), and the tempo easy. When the weather forecast predicted heavy, incessant rain, though, I went off the idea - why travel all that way and pay money to get soaked, when I can get soaked here for free?! Not even the possibility of encountering the lovely DaveCH (for whom the race is pretty local, so I thought he might be there) was quite enough to persuade me.

A good call, as it turned out. At breakfast the next morning, the temporary crown broke. On a piece of bread and jam! Not in any way hard or chewy bread, but 'Zopf' - the soft, buttery 'weekend special' bread that is my particular treat. "I hope that's a piece of cherry stone!" I thought as I felt something worryingly crunchy.......... but I knew it wasn't.

Long story short: the front of the crown has (so far) remained in situ, but the back has gone, and the exposed tooth (what remains of it) is sensitive to hot and cold. Not only does this make eating and drinking difficult, but cold air is painful too. Ergo, there has been no running. (With the best will in the world, I can't breathe through my nose while running.) I did try, but the jangling discomfort was too much.

Naturally these things always happen at the beginning of a long weekend! (which also contained two performances, Sunday evening and Monday afternoon - okay as long as I remembered to breathe in cautiously.) Tuesday I trekked back to the dental practice - I knew my dentist was away all week, but hoped his partner might be able to help. No, he was away too. So nothing for it but to wait it out until next Monday. I've developed some coping strategies over the past few days, so it no longer seems quite so bad. In fact, I was thinking about the crisis/opportunity thing Jim mentioned in his blog, and am trying to look at it as an opportunity to be inventive. Experimentation has come up with a surprisingly wide array of things I CAN actually eat, if I do so slowly and carefully enough, and cut them into small enough pieces. (Ooh, cheese omelette on the menu tomorrow........!) It's not fun, but it's bearable, and I'm not starving.

So on that moderately optimistic note, and with apologies for the most boring post ever, I'll sign off for now. There only remains to wish everyone doing Brighton or Paris this coming weekend GOOD LUCK!!! Looking forward to reading your accounts next week!

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