For the rain it raineth every day..........

Posted on: 19 Jun 2016

Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare, I couldn't have put it better. As a gloomy, rainy May slid into more of the same in June - rain of Biblical proportions, thunderstorms, flooding: we're all beginning to grow webbed feet - work was unrelenting, and running virtually abandoned. May did just make it over the 100 km mark, thanks largely to the 2 days' walking in Visp (and the one nearer home that did my shin in), but June has been a catastrophe. An unrelenting programme of rehearsals, performances, and concerts has left me feeling like a squeezed-out lemon. Thankfully the season has now finished, and I can look forward to a few weeks' recovery before the mayhem starts again. So on Tuesday I'm off on my annual jaunt to Sheffield......... and my first race of the season. ('Race' to be interpreted very loosely, however, as I feel horribly unfit, and propose just to trundle round treating it more or less as a sightseeing tour.) It seemed like a good idea when I entered it, back in about January. In fact, it seemed like SUCH a good idea, I persuaded J. to enter it as well - we will be 'running' as a team, under the name of 'Snail Express'. (Nomen est omen, I fear.) The concept of the race is an interesting one: 11 timed sections over varied types of terrain, totalling about 21 kms, plus untimed sections totalling another 3 kms, which you can walk if you want (I probably will!), so about 24 kms in all. It starts and finishes in Endcliffe Park, venue of Hallam parkrun, and does a circular tour of Sheffield's more attractive bits, taking in parks, woodland, adjoining countryside, etc. Much of it I know, but there are parts I have NEVER actually been to, so that will be interesting. I am also hoping to meet up with several Smiley Paces runners again, and if I am very lucky, with Realbuzz's Viv (though she will probably be halfway home by the time I finish!)

Two days after that, we are off to North Wales for a few days. We are staying near Llanberis, so will be following in Buzzer footsteps. J and I are planning an assault on Snowdon, so will say hello to the stones. (I need to re-read the blog to remind me where to look.) A railway walk to Barmouth is also on the cards, and a chilly dip in the sea (maybe only a paddle!) at Black Rock Sands near Porthmadog, where we spent many a camping holiday back in the Dark Ages. Our route back will take us via Llangollen, so I'll look out for Mandy of the non-aerodynamic hair, in case she happens to be running there that day!

After that: some Peak District walks; gardening; reading; helping my brother to demolish the garden shed..........! - and definitely NO MUSIC! It all sounds like heaven at the moment. (Well, maybe not the garden shed bit........)

Really sorry for the recent radio silence, but something just had to give. I will try to read and comment occasionally while I am away, dependent on my brother's goodwill in letting me use his computer, and do a blog update when I get back. Meanwhile, have a good summer!

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