My first time!

Posted on: 24 Nov 2009


My name is Hugo, I am spanish and I love England. I am really learning english (yes, I know, I need to improve it a lot!!) I have been many times in London and Hastings. I am a newcomer to running, I have tried running a lot of times but I have a back disease and I couldn't run. Now, I have eventually found the right Doctor. Nowadays I am running about 10 Km but I have never run a race (10Km). I have only run two races, 8Km (when I was 22) and 5Km (New years Day in my town 2007). I am looking to run my first 10Km on 6th december, here in my town.

On 31st december I will travel to london, I am thinking about running "Brooks Serpentine New Years Day 10 Km", but I am not sure because I will travel with more people.

I'm hoping to pick up plenty of tips, advice, and will be keeping a blog of my training for the first time ever. Please support me along the way and correct my mistakes! Thanks a lot.

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