Roll up for the Great Snowdonia Sweepstake

Posted on: 22 Oct 2014

Nearly time for that great run around the beauties of Snowdonia, folks.

As you know, it's been suggested that we have a sweepstake.  The aim is to guess the total time that we will take in getting round.  The declared runners from Realbuzz are;

HOBS, Libby, Bolty, Gloshawk, Angus, Ali, Rob, Oggie, Jenny and Red Dave.

It's £2.50 per guess, with all the proceeds going to this year's Great Oggie Run good cause, Louie's Helping Hands.

If you're there for the weekend, pay me £2.50 per guess then.  If you're not, but would like to enter, please donate your £2.50 to Louie's fund.

As a reminder, here's the address;

And the prize?  Two bottles of delicious Black Stump.  it's a drop of red that has got me turning for home with a spring in my step more than once.  I shall transport them to Snowdon to present if the winner is there.  I shall post them next week if the winner's not there.  So, it really is the more the merrier.


Here are the declared times so far;


Gloshawk 44:25:12

HOBS 43:55:00

HOBS 48:18:30

Hollywood 46:00:00

Gaelle 45:12:19

Bev 44:32:42

Angus 42:58:25

Angus 43:43:43

Ali 41:38:26

Red Dave 46:35:22

Red Dave 50:00:00

Bolty 43:35:30

Mrs Bolty 45:08:16

Jenny 45:30:15


Go on, you know it makes sense!!

Cheers all...

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