Posted on: 04 Apr 2014

Hi all.

Since my last blog I have been trying to shake off my injury which has left me on the sidelines for over two weeks now. But more on that story to come.

In my last blog I said that Mrs S was going to venture into starting running, but this has been put on hold due to her coming down with a minor stomach bug, so we agreed to get into it after the marathon. Her aim is still to complete the 5K course & run the whole event.

After my latest setback I went to see a new physio, as my regular lady was on holiday for a few months, great timing especially when I needed her the most. I am always reluctant to try someone new as you never quite know what they are going to do or what they really know, but as she was recommended by my boss I gave her a go.

After she assesed & worked on my injury,she diagnosed that I had a weak left side, she could see this just by looking at me. My left side has always been weaker than my right side, but I never knew this until now. I had an accident about 6 years ago where I had to have keyhole surgery on my left knee, but I never knew after running for over 4 years & embarking on my third London Marathon, that I had an unstable weak left side, which includeds my calf, knee & quads. She determined that I had sustained a Piriformis Muscle injury which was inflammed & squashing my glutes causing pain from my hip joint & down the left side of my leg.

Looking at the postives she did say that I had a strong core, so the work I had been putting in has paid off, she also said that without my strong core this injury would of happened a long time ago & would have caused greater injury. This is not what I wanted to hear so close to the marathon, not a great confidence booster.

I asked her what I could do to improve & prevent this, she basically said I need to strengthen my left leg from the calf to my hip, by doing one legged exercises.

After leaving my physio appointment last week I felt upset, down, angry & questioning if all of my hard training was wasted all because of this injury. Why me? Why now?

I decided to take the whole of last week off from running & see whether the inflammation would settle & ease my pain. It's not a disruptive pain, more of a niggle, but I know it's there when I run. I have been icing & using my foam roller on it along with doing my strengthening exercises to help it as much as possible to get myself in the best possible shape.

I know that this injury will flare up on race day so I am going to take slow release Ibuprofen to help & prevent the muscles becoming inflammed & squashing my glutes. I have not come this far to give up on my goal & dream of a sub 4 hour London Marathon.

Wednesday I decided to test out my legs after not doing any form of exercise for nearly two weeks. I couldn't even go out on my bike as it needs some TLC. I felt sluggish & felt my fitness starting to disapear. I set off for a slow steady 5 mile run & after a few miles the pain started to niggle away at my left hip, this started to get into my head & I started thinking 'If this is like this now, what will it be like after 26.2 miles!!!'

I was really suffering with my breathing, my legs felt like I had already run a marathon & here I was struggling to run 5 miles. This was not in the script & I was now becoming worried, but I am determined, I am a Realbuzzer & I will not let a slight niggle get in the way of my dreams. I will leave nothing behind when I cross that finish line in just over a week. This is going to be my farewell to London after three magical marathons & I intend to end this on a massive high.

Tomorrow I intend to do my final 6 mile run before the big day, as this will be the last chance I get as my boss is on holiday so work is going to be full on next week, again not ideal preperation leading up to a marathon, but who said this would be easy.

I am going to take some tablets before I head out tomorrow to see if this helps with the injury. As it stands I have no pain in my left side & I hope this continues, but I have been told by the experts that this will cause me problems towards the later stages of the race. BRING IT ON!!!

I am doing things diffently this year & heading down to the Expo Arena on Wednesday with my mum, this is because I have always gone down on the Saturday & find it very busy & a rush, as we always seem to be short on time, what with travelling down, checking into the hotel & travelling to & from the Expo.

I am looking forward to it this year & intend to pick up a lot of freebies & really have a good look around without clock watching & worrying about getting back to the hotel etc. If this is your first London Marathon or your tenth, you should always remember to take lots of photos, always take to many, because this is something you can always look back on in years to come & something you should be proud of for the rest of your life. I have my two framed prints, with my medals, hanging proudly up my stairs & a space for more memories to be made for my third & final marathon.

My fundraising is going alone nicely as my boss has kindly donated a voucher to win free Fish & Chips for a year. We are asking all customers to purchase a raffle ticket for £1, with the draw taking place after the marathon, so far we have raised over £400!!!. The local press have taken a keen interest in this & I have been seen in my local paper this week. They also want to do a follow up story after the event. I have been called a 'Marathon Veteran'!!!! by the newspapers, i'm not that old or been in any war!! lol.

Good Luck to everyone who is taking on a Spring Marathon, whether it be Brighton, Paris, Manchester or London, you have all trained for this, believe in your ability & go out there & smash up the tarmac. We have all been training in gale force winds & heavy rain for most part, but now is the time to shine & make yourself & your family proud.

The Realbuzz baton will be ready to be passed along & with it memories will be made to last a lifetime.

Enjoy it guys, it's now our time to shine!!!

Best of luck..............................................You'll Never Walk Alone!!!




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