Water Bored

Posted on: 18 Apr 2006

I felt I had to share this.

It's another reason to doubt 'good advice'. An alleged runner pointed me and my unkown running mates at a website:


as a useful tool to help with a hydration strategy. I expected this may turn out to be more useful for subsistance farmers in the Kalahari and now think I was right.

I answered all of the questions asked and was given this in return: 

Your optimal hydration plan
  HydraOpt vous propose une hydratation optimale en buvant :
During your match, 2.3 L approximately every 15 minutes
After your match, as much as you like
Thus at the end of your match , your weight loss will be: 0%
Effects : No effect
Performance : Maximum performance

Now call me pedantic, but water weighs 1kg per litre. These people (who sell water, by the way) think I need 2.3 litres every 15 mins. Unhindered, I expect to take at least 4.5 hours. That's 17 lots of water, assuming I don't have to carry the one for when I finish. That's just over 39 kilos, or the equivalent of giving most of Kylie Minogue a piggy back from Greenwich to the Mall.

No effects they say?

Bloody French.

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