Happy Birthday, Mother aand Daughter

Posted on: 22 May 2009

This weekend they will be an average age of 50 and a half, so there is likely to be more eating than exercise. This is a good thing. 

The ladder ordered on 9th April and promised for delivery 'by the end of next week' arrived, as promised, yesterday. 21st May, not quite as promised. The ink jet cartridges arrived as promised by first class post and within a couple of working days. The days were working but sadly the cartridges were not. There's a theme here somewhere but I can't quite pin it down.

Oh, and the new tv for the kitchen didn't pick up any digital signal through the carefully planned aerial outlet so now there are even more wires where wires would be better if they were somewhere else.

The bees have been delayed by customs, or similar. Apparently the queen is set to leave Italy on Tuesday and will be(e) with us as soon as she has raised a family. And there's another thing. Matron tried on the suit and found that the zip is faulty.

As for the digger, the overly considerate people from health and efficiency say there has to be a roll cage. Fine, but I wanted to use it in the garden and would happily have gone to the kitchen to collect my lunch rather than take it with me. In any case, the cheese I would have chosen was unlikely to be so dangerous as to require confiement. The point is that this unnecessarily industrial lunchbox addition meant that the machinery could no longer be squeezed through my passage and so the levitation of the vegetable beds has been frustrated once more. Matron is demonstrating admirable patience but I don't like to disappoint.

There are also too many people getting into difficulties and at risk of being hurt, but no.1 played a blinder. Thank you.

Lunchtime stress releiving hamster wheel session proved fun. Will eat less cake after Monday.

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