Posted on: 06 Nov 2013

Hi all,

As most of you Realbuzzers are aware by now i'm running the London Marathon next year. I'm running for a fantastic charity called 'Children with Cancer UK'. I ran for them last year & I have decided to run for them again. The reason I am running for this fantastic charity is because of  the amount of hard work & scientific research they put into helping to save young peoples lives.

If you would like to find out more about this wonderful charity then just click on this link. Children with Cancer UK With having two young children I couldn't imagine them dealing with this terrible illness & working so hard to survive on a day to day basis relying on 24 hour hospital care.

I have pledged to raise over £1500 as I feel this is a realistic target for me. Last year I managed to raise over £2400!!!! which exceeded all of my expectations.

To start of my fundraising i'm holding an 80's Charity Disco Night at my local village hall on Saturday 23rd November. There is prizes for the best dressed person, but this is optional, & a raffle & other prizes up for grabs. My place of work have kindly offered to supply the food for the event at a really cheap price, so that I can make as much as possible.

Mrs Shing came up with a great idea tonight, & this got me thinking. She said that we are all a close family on here & look out for each other so why don't you think about inviting the realbuzz family to our party. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! She says the only time you guys get together is when you are at races, so why don't you try & get together for a party.

So here I am, sharing her idea & see where it goes. Like I say you don't know unless you try. Your thoughts please guys?

Here are the posters which I am plastering around the towns & villages.




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