Getting Lost and Latest Parkrun

Posted on: 03 May 2014

Train ticket to St Albans has been ordered for 31st May. 

2 Sessions left on the Wii EA Active II to go (Mon & Tues).

Last Wednesday the Underground strike prompted me to have a go at a run home from work.  Got lost TWICE!  ‘Him Indoors’ simply said “you really do have a lousy sense of direction”.  We’d even walked the route a few weeks ago but it didn’t appear to have  helped!


Map from my Runkeeper: Blue line – the way I should have gone, Red line – actual route.  Needless to say I didn’t make it home – gave up and caught the bus the last five miles.  Did get a nice stroll through Burgess Park though (walked until I got back on track) – Nick has done that parkrun last year – good write-up

First diversion was at the Elephant and Castle – took the Old Kent Road instead, second diversion was at Camberwell, for some extraordinary reason instead of going straight up Denmark Hill I diverted towards Peckham!  Oh well, hopefully I’ll get a bit further next week (intend to have another go).

As I’d volunteered at the ParkRun last week I had a run this week and blow me down I got another PB – 32.01, so have chipped away at it by 35 seconds!  Perhaps my dream of getting below 30 mins is actually going to happen after all!

Take care all and safe running.

Oh I nearly forgot!  My Run Hackney Tee Shirt arrived yesterday and worn with pride at the parkrun today (two comments both telling me they are looking forward to taking part in the run too).

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