Still on the road to Hackney....

Posted on: 26 May 2014

Last week’s programme:  Tuesday Pace Run 5mins up tempo x 3 mins slow for 5 sets (5-6miles).  Headed over the Alexander rec park about 8am (maybe a hint later than should have been) weather felt ‘muggy’.  Fasts still aren’t that fast but not that slow either – so progress of a sort.  Slows became walks.  Felt hard work (breathing felt laboured – wondered if pollution was becoming a factor).  Only covered 4.3miles in total.  Lots of ‘mornings’ from dog-walkers and a couple of joggers.  Lots of maintenance going on in the park today.  Weeding and clearing of empty beer cans/bottles from the rose garden.  Rubbish and dog waste Bin emptying, Kiddies paddling pool survey.  So rate payers monies being well spent.

Wednesday: Cross Training –WII EA Fitness II = Totalled 47 minutes – selected the ‘Crunch and Core’ routine from the list – it was quite good, burnt 216 calories

Thursday – 35-45mins 3-4 miles.  Stunning morning (gentle warm sunshine, damp underfoot) left before 7am and headed up to Crystal Palace Park (smelt fresh today – except the lake – that stank).  Completed one circuit anti-clockwise.  Had to get back for 7.30 to wake hubby up for work, so completed 2.8 miles in 36mins.  Saw 3 magpies.  Feeling tired and a bit achy, right butt cheek is still giving me grief – no idea what is causing it.  Uncomfortable trying to touch my toes (right one in particular) and need cushion to sit down .

Friday : Cross Training – WII again – Total 45 mins 285 calories – made my own routine up – needs ‘tweaking’ but quite good – was awarded a ‘milestone’ of 10,000 calories trophy!  Whoo hoo!

Saturday: Cross Training – ignored that and went for the parkrun.  Dug out my bright orange top for Gerry.   Arrived earlier than normal so jogged gently around the opposite way to the start (about 10mins) to see if a warm-up beforehand would help with the overall time.  It rained the whole ¾ circuit, so arrived warm but wet.  Thankfully we got the send off relatively quickly and as always the rain stopped for the start.  Was at the back as usual but as time went on I managed to gain and overtake a few (including a junior who looked about 6!)  Tried to stay relaxed and not worry about PB’s or anything, just the tarmac and my thoughts (mostly of Gerry in Cyprus).  Rain came down about half way round but not for long.  The Military group was giving it their ‘all’ in the distance – felt sorry for them but presumably they are paying good money to be tortured in the rain.  Turned the corner and saw the finish – so stepped up the pace – made it through the tunnel in position 109/114 in 32.43mins (down on last week) age grade: 53.23% so still very pleased to be over 50% again.   Trudged round to the start and shouted out to Bolty “Go Gerry Goooo” then came home – feeling cold and damp.

Sunday – another beautiful morning – although forecasted rain today.  Long Run scheduled 65-70 minutes 6 miles.  Left about 7.20am and again headed up to Crystal Palace Park.  Planned to run clockwise for 3 circuits then home estimating about 6 miles.   Runkeeper refused to track so restarted once in the park.  Headed up but discovered barriers blocking the way – thought about doubling back and heading through the ‘woods’ but heard loud chain saw sort of noises so thought better of it.  Went along to the other side of the park and headed up anti-clockwise instead.  Past the railway station and then saw a sign “Motorsport in Crystal Palace 25-26 May”.  At the top entrance which is usually pedestrian only, discovered a policeman on duty and the barriers all down and very old vintage cars coming and going.  So turned around and went down to the car park entrance – jogged in and over the grass – the stench of fumes was a bit much for me so I headed back down to the bottom of the park and finished my session doing smaller circuits of the lower level.  Loads of joggers and dog-walkers seemingly banished to the same space but thankfully plenty of room for everyone.  Finished my circuits and came home, bit mystified by Runkeepers’ silence for last 10 mins or so to discover it had stopped at 5.64 miles.  So added a bit extra on for the missing 15 mins so estimated just over 6 miles and must have taken about 1hour 20mins ish.

After breakfast got ready to go out to celebrate a Birthday.  Drove down into the wilds of Kent to Chiddingstone Castle for a cream tea (two scones each with Devon clotted cream and served with both strawberry and raspberry jam) then another hour drive home.  Slow-Cooked dinner followed by Birthday cake – might explain the extra 4lb that’s appeared on the scales this morning!

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