Posted on: 23 Sep 2015

Unbelievably two more weeks have slipped by. Sadly for me they were yet another two weeks of zero progress on the running front. But today I will start with positives rather than negatives.

 This morning I put both socks and shoes on unassisted in less than one minute ( I timed it ! ), now this may not sound particularly impressive but believe me this is a sign of progress. Just a week ago I could not get anywhere near touching my feet without very severe back and leg pain.

The numbness that has affected the whole of the outside of my left thigh has reduced to an area about the size of the palm of my hand.  I can now walk downstairs without pausing on each step. I have taken myself off the dreadful Amitriptyline tablets that had made me feel like a zombie and replaced them with ibuprofen again. I have reduced intake of ibuprofen from 8 to 2 tablets a day.

I have been on a daily routine of stretching exercises from a book that  I was recommended  called “treat your own back”. its simple, sensible and it works. I’m walking with the dog 4 miles a day. I’m visualising what it feels like to run. Although the pain while walking has subsided a fair bit recently it is still not possible to run. I tried it yesterday, just two running steps caused the same nerve pain from the bottom of my spine , down through my buttock and to the top of my left calf. Its not encouraging but there is just time to mend and be able to get around October marathons in York and Snowdon. If I complete either of them they will be my slowest but perhaps greatest marathon achievements. I can sense excitement building on RB for these dates and would love to be able to do them. I know that I have to be sensible and I really don’t want to put myself back to where I was 6 weeks ago, I don’t want that level of pain and lack of sleep again. Rational decisions will have to be made as near to marathon day as possible.


Still waiting for an MRI scan date – but I’ve been sent a hospital physio appointment date for next week ( very strange, how can they offer treatment if they don’t know what the problem is ).  I’m starting to believe that if I take ownership of the problem then I will get better. The painkillers that I was prescribed by the doctor simply made everything numb, I was not in control. I’m going to be more pro-active in the recovery and do as much as I can to deal with this without resorting to medication, injections and surgery. Of course these things may be necessary in the long run but I’m going to try a different route first.

This weekend sees two Realbuzz stalwarts taking on an almighty 102 mile challenge. I have tremendous faith that together they will be triumphant. I think what is needed for such a test of endurance is fitness and mental strength, these two have bucket loads of both, they have the support of each other and they have the thoughts and well wishes of friends and the entire Realbuzz family behind them.

Gloshawk and Hobs its your time with the baton, bring it home and hand it on.

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