Tuesday Pace Run

Posted on: 28 May 2014

Tuesday 27th May.  Pace Run 5x1 X 4 (4-5miles)

Felt odd (out of sorts) to start with today, bit anxious.  Weather looked grim, Simba (cat) came in damp (soggy moggy).  Went out a bit later than planned (7.50am) headed over to Alexander Recreation Park.  Rain was that light drizzly sort but it didn’t feel cold (probably my extensive blubber layer keeping me warm). 

Arrived at the park and Runkeeper told me to get going on my fast pace, so I went from super slow to slightly faster (imperceptible decline so a touch faster than normal), managed to keep the pace up the very slight incline too but breathing very hard – legs complained too – honestly give them one day off and they start moaning).  So very grateful when the first 1 min slow came up, walked slowly, just time to clean the rain of the glasses when “5 minutes fast” came up.  Okay it gets a bit repetitive now..  The fasts got slow on the ‘ups’ but increased a hint on the downs.  First two were about 10mins second two were about 11mins pace.  Runkeeper nearly sent me off on a 5th circuit but I’d been keeping count so it didn’t fool me!  Stopped her and jogged gently home.  So covered about 3 miles in about 40mins. 

Feel confident that my fasts have improved as I’m sure when I started it took me about 7 mins to get around a full circuit – I’m about 1 and a quarter way round in 5 mins now!

Said a “morning” to the council man emptying the bins, not sure what he said back but it sounded pleasant and up beat for a wet grim morning.  No joggers – oh except a jogging dog walker – she had a huge old dog which kept to the inner path while she jogged around the outer edge of the park. Plenty of miserable looking dog walkers though but they all returned my ‘morning’.

Got home very soggy myself.  

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