Posted on: 27 Apr 2016

Its been an exciting time for so many of us this month, for those running spring marathons and for those watching, supporting and following online too. It emphasises the great spirit of community that’s found here, well done to every one of you involved whatever your role. I know first hand how important it is to feel that you have people “ in your corner “ when you take on one of those almighty challenges , the Realbuzz corner never lets you down. Honest and dependable, we are there for each other whenever it’s needed.


I wasn’t as able to track blobs as I would have liked, each Sunday I get out fairly early to do a long run myself, I’ve been doing marathon distance or longer for the last 4 weekends. The Sunday run generally follows a fast 8 or 10 mile Saturday run so I’m getting more used to running on tired legs. This Sunday I tackled the Yorkshire 3 peaks with Ali ( her idea not mine ! ). What I beautiful but HARD route that is, made more difficult by the cold North wind, hail and poor navigation. It should have been 22 – 24 miles but ended up at 27 miles ! Lesson learned (1) Don’t leave the OS map on the kitchen table (2) Don’t take batteries for the GPS device out of the kitchen drawer because the kids put dud ones back in there ( GPS failed at 7 miles due to low battery) (3)I’ll need over 1.5 litres of fluid for 27+ miles. Even though we made mistakes it was a really fantastic day on the hills, breathtaking views and Ali is always good company. Much respect to her for sticking with it despite obvious  after effects of chest infection which put her out of the Manchester Marathon.

I think Rob Barber is running the very same hills this weekend in the 3 Peaks race – Rob , if you’re reading this then you’re in for an incredible challenge. The ascents are gruelling and the downhill’s technical, rocky and fast. Watch yourself coming off Whernside, there are some treacherous sections, I can imagine them being even worse if wet. We took it easy, racing it would be an entirely different prospect. What you are guaranteed is being in spectacular surroundings doing something I know you love. Cant wait to read your report on the race.


My mileage peaked at 63 for the week and this week I’ll try and do about the same, as I said before there’s an edge that I’m treading which is between hard training and injury avoidance, I’m aware that to overdo or push too fast now could jeopardise 6 months of patient build up. What I have begun to notice is that i'm able to run easy without thinking that I’m running – I know this may sound strange. I seem to have developed an ability to maintain a pace which allows me to almost disconnect with the act of running, the feeling is almost effortless and the breathing easy. When this happens its amazing how miles scroll past without noticing , I hope that it’s a skill that I’m able to take with me to the Highlands next month !

The practicalities are starting to come to the fore now, pondering things like daily calorie intake ( and how best to a achieve it ) , route reading and honing map reading skills ( notoriously poor! ),  the best protection from adverse Scottish weather when you may be out for 12+ hours in remote country, dealing with midges, hydration, how many pairs of socks I’ll need blah blah …! These are the thoughts that are now seeping in to my working day and becoming hourly distractions from whatever else it is that I’m trying to do. The event that has seemed so far away for so long is now very much in view and is an imposing presence ! As I type this the hail batters the window and I’m thinking what if we get a week of that and strong Northerly winds… the beast will get beastlier.

Again , apologies for not being as present as I once was as a RB commenter and blogger, I know that you don’t need an apology either but I feel the need! Hope that you all have your sights on personal challenges of all varieties for the months that lie ahead. Gauntlets are there to be accepted and beaten. I’ll update again before I head North on May 20th.

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