Posted on: 20 Aug 2014

So as has become the custom here is my weekly entry in the countdown to the York marathon. Things are ramping up now, speed and tempo runs are faster and the long rind getting longer. Unfortunately the running sparkle still isn't really there, I'm doing the runs without really enjoying them sometimes. But I'm doing them and I'm running with purpose, the purpose is still to lower my marathon PB of 3.25. When York has been run this year I've now decided that it will be my last city marathon that is all about running purely for a PB. Running a marathon just to knock a few seconds of my time is not a sustainable or enjoyable way for me to carry on running. I'm going to carry on running for sure but the goals will be different and the challenges new.

It was great to run Sundays long one with Alaistair , we haven't run together since the marathon last year and it was good to have a catch up and some company and a nice new route again. Here's this weeks hard facts:

Speed - 3 x 1600m .19.21 Ave. 6.27 per mile

Tempo - 10miles . 1.14.50. Ave. 7.23 per mile

Long - 17miles . 2.19.26. Ave 8.10 per mile

We are away in Northumberland this weekend so my 18mile route will be somewhere new and probably hilly which has got to be good training for Snowdon.

happy bank holiday weekend to you you all.

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