Limpsfield Chart and Crockham Hill Saturday 13th July

Posted on: 02 Sep 2013

Rambers Walk 14

Again, a nice walk (about 4miles).  Weather was a bit of a scorcher so rather pleased it was mostly under cover.  (Woodland).

Parked opposite the church as instructed.

We liked the plant growing round the entrance. (May have been roses).

Struck out the wrong way round, (which is a problem when referring to the map and not the instructions).  But soon realised our mistake and got under way (had we gone the other way the walk would have ended with an extreme hike up hill).

A nice combination of fields and woodland, a rather nice village and two churches.

Trevereux Mansion

The walk took us past Trevereux Mansion and onwards and upwards towards Crockham.

Paid homage at the graveside of Octavia Hill (one of the National Trust founders) before rejoining the trail.

Not a bad place to be at rest.


The instructions said to have a seat and enjoy the view, but all I could see were trees.

Still the obligatory stiles to climb over.  (Personally, I prefer kissing gates).

Made our way through the woods back to the car park (think we were both soaked through).  The best flowers on display were these rather majestic foxgloves.

Extreme Closeup! (with flash)


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