Meopham 25th August 2013

Posted on: 13 Oct 2013

Explore Kent Meopham  4.7 miles

Long drive but found the car park without any problems (Sat Nav gets a tick).

Good start (public loos by the car park).  All the route finding was pretty good, the photos on the guidance are an excellent idea.

Upon entering the first field a beautiful blue butterfly caught our eye, took quite a while to get a half decent shot.  We think it might be a common blue.

Thereafter we encountered lots of fields, kissing gates, a few wooded areas, a very muddy puddle, some pretty wild flowers, we think we heard/saw a charm of goldfinches, we encountered some noisy dogs and lots of sheep and a huge heard of cows. 

A couple of nice valley’s, a hideous house (that was thankfully hidden from most views, actually at first sight I thought it was some strange film set).


At one point the pathway went right through someone’s back garden (bit weird that one).  Oh and a gate with no fence in one of the fields.

It got a bit nippy when we stopped for a quick snack, but we soon warmed up at we progressed  up the hill.  Eventually ending up at the village green (missed seeing the windmill by a few feet).

Just as we misread the instructions (first time this walk and Hubby had been moaning that we hadn’t encountered a church), we found a church (St John’s of Meopham) and it was open.  So that was fortuitous.

Once back on track we saw a fox with an amazing bushy tail which disappeared quickly once it spotted us. 

The wheat here seems very stunted but we managed to get a shot or two of it.

Got back to the car park (before it shut) and a safe journey home (dinner was cooked by the time we got back).  We both enjoyed this walk.

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