Posted on: 01 Sep 2015

A quick check in to update on my own pitifully small contribution to this year's Great Oggie Run.

Before going any further though I want to echo much of what has already been said and written. Pure magic this weekend, stops pulled out, gun blazing glory. Great to read about and sounds like great to be a part of the challenges and races that happened in the world of Realbuzzers. Everyone played a part towards a great cause for Gaelle's chosen charity and it was an honour to be a be a part of something bigger and "connected".

It's a shame that my own part of the red running tapestry couldn't have been bigger but since my last post only a week ago things have not improved. In fact things have got worse! I'm back to getting the kids to put my socks and shoes on for me ! If I tilt in a certain way or get up from a seated position I get hit with an intense "electric" pain that shoots down from lower spine to calf. There have been times too when my whole left leg has a weird tingling numbness, it doesnt even feel like my leg ! I've ried to keep walking about as it feels a lot better to be moving rather than still so the dog has been well walked the last couple of weeks. I was able to run until fairly recently but now I'm reduced to a fast walk, you couldn't call it running anymore

On Saturday I was down in Exeter for three days as Hamish was competing in a climbing competition. I knew that I wanted to get a run of some sort in for Oggie Run day but also knew I had to be realistic. I found out that the Exeter Parkrun was only a mile or so from where we were staying so on Saturday got up , stretched a bit and walked along the canal to find it. From the off I was in a bit of trouble! I could only lift my left foot off the ground by a couple of inches, any more and I got the shooting nerve pain down the back of my leg. So I settled into a pace that was manageable and started near the back. I was overtaken by a lot of people and don't think I overtook anyone until mile 3 but that didn't matter, I was out running and I knew that it was part of a bigger shared experience across the land. I loosened up a bit towards the end and chatted along to a few other runners, something I've never done in a Parkrun before. Finishing time was just under 31 minutes and although it's about 11 minutes slower than usual I can honestly say I couldn't have gone any quicker and I was happy with it under the circumstances. 3.1 miles contributed to a massive shared total on the day.

Since getting home yesterday ive had two sessions of manipulation and massage, I've also got a series of daily stretches to try, I cant do them very well yet but there's hope that day by day things will improve. I've missed a month of training now and with less than 5 weeks until York and 7 til Snowdon things are looking ( and beginning to feel ) a bit bleak. I wish I knew how long this is going to last but it's a finger in the air really, most websites suggest 6 weeks for initial sciatic nerve pain to settle and subside. Others say it can be 3 months, I'll stay as patient and hopeful as possible and do all I can to be on the start lines of both marathons with the other buzzers running these races. I'll take a 5 hour run at the back right now if you offered it me, any hope of a fast time at Snowdon is gone now, I just want to be part of it.

Once again, muchos respect to you all, you've done yourselves proud.

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