High Elms and Downe Sunday 7th July 2013

Posted on: 24 Aug 2013

Kent Ramblers walk 67 

A beautiful, warm, sunny days with the meadows full of butterflies.

The church at Downe was so picturesque.  

And unusually it was open (I guess it was a Sunday, so perhaps it's not locked between services)

So beautiful and peaceful.

No hills during this walk, it was mostly on the flat.  But it did include some woodland, fields, narrow roads and bridleways, oh and a fair few electricity pylons (they sort of 'buzzed' at you).

Flowers of note a sort of purple orchid and some scarlet pimpernel

Towards the end of the walk there was a rather interesting avenue of beech trees that had been replanted recently

My new boots appear to be holding up under the strain.


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