Doing it because you're all doing it

Posted on: 19 Feb 2014

Good afternoon Realbuzzers.

Its just a quick post to let you know that I'm still here and still running ( just )

In comparison to all the awesome miles and effort that you all are putting in I feel like a Realbuzz fraud these days. But I am still getting out there,I'm doing it because you're all doing it. I feel guilty sitting doing nothing while I know there are hard miles being run by the RB gang. I'm accountable to you so I'm making sure that I do 10 miles minimum a week - not much I know but its keeping the legs ticking over and I'm not loosing any pace but stamina is probably suffering.

I've been doing an interesting 5 mile Wednesday run- dont know if this type of run has a name - but I run my first mile at 7.30 ish pace and then try to run each mile quicker and attempt to finish with a sub 7 last mile. Its a fun one to try.

The other positive is that my 13 year old daughter has started to join me for some very short runs. She has always been a bit overshaddowed by her younger brother who is annoyingly good at most sports. Isobel is not a natural runner and doesnt like to draw attention to the fact that her brother is better than her so she has chosen to avoid most sporting activities ( other than swimming ). However one evening while Hamish was out climbing she asked if she could come or a short run with me. We did a mile together in just over 10 minutes. She found it a bit tough but was really buzzing when we got back. She's now up to two miles in a 20 mins and has asked if she could maybe do a Parkrun in a few weeks. I'm really pleased that she's given it a go and it seems to have done her confidence some good too, I'm not going to push her as I know that its an approach that backfires where shes concerned ! I will support her by praising her desire and progress and see where it takes us.

I'm getting fired up about the spring marathons already, it's unusual to be following you all week by week without being on the same journey this time. The big days arent too far away now and I remember very well the feelings of aprehension, doubt and excitement that I had this time last year as we approached the London Marathon. It's there waiting to be shot at, each training run gets you a step closer. All those hours of dedication and sacrifice will be neatly distilled and poured into less than 300 minutes of almighty effort . I will be part of it as a spectator and will have nothing but admiration for every single runner who gives it their best. 

Thoughts are with you all, to those struggling- i hope it comes good , stay positive as long as you can. To those on track, start to believe in your potential. Aim high.

I had an email this week telling me that its only 8 months to the York Marathon, so Snowdon is only 8.5 months away too. Time to start upping the miles again soon.

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