Posted on: 24 Mar 2016

Ah, my lovely cathartic blog, my friendly virtual headspace....

So chaffing. What the actual hell. (Before I continue, be assured chaffing has been in watershed friendly areas). I genuinely think this has been the worst aspect of training so far?! As a modern age Mary Poppins woman with the handbag of everything continuously at my side, I've always been prepped with vaseline on runs so thought I was ready for this aspect of running. For long distance though, it's virtually unavoidable it seems. 

Clearly it's not enough that my muscles ache continuously, I'm always tired, my work/life balance is shot and a month in The Priory doesn't seem unreasonable at the end of this experience. Now it seems, gradually shedding my skin is also a required offering to the running gods. If I sound tetchy and irratable, I am :)

My tip of the week for relief is some sort of cooling gel pack, I've tried every cream, baths - only thing that's given me any restbite is the cooling gel pack that was inside an night eye mask I have. That's currently strapped to my arm continuously to avoid further chaffing/irritation. It's horribly uncomfortable, affecting my sleep, mentality... seems so silly but I think it's just the straw on the tired camel's back right now.

Positives.....I hit 17 miles a couple of weeks ago (I know right?!) and do you know what? Wasn't that bad, definitely had more life in my legs beyond it. At the moment I'm struggling with bringing my training mentality into the race environment. I did a half mara last Sunday and it was my most challenging to date. You'd think "Yeah, you won't break a sweat doing that at this point in your training" but I started it too quickly and was finished by about mile 6!! I still completed it, but I really really struggled which freaked me out. There's lessons to be learnt in there, pacing in particular. I'm taking it on the chin and trying not to let it burst my otherwise positive bubble.

Plus Eddie! Our main man! Did his 27 marathons - 2 of them in 1 day. I'm solidifying in my brain just how horrendous that would be as a constant reminder that at least I'm only running one.

I'm counting down the hours to tapering for the main event, this part of the training with all the long runs has been the hardest. You're pretty much sick of your own legs, running is all everyone's asking you about, it's over taken your life in everyway - but it will be worth it. The amout of people I've known who've done a marathon and I've been like "Oh right, cool," Never again, it's a different animal, it takes levels of dedication I never expected, it takes mental endurance I never knew I had - muchos respect for my fellow runners, you're all super human!

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