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Posted on: 12 Jan 2016

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful & peaceful Festive Season.

It's hard to believe that its almost 3 months since I wrote my last blog & again I lead with apologies as I have hardly been on here reading or commenting your blogs! But I'm sure that those of you that know me well know the reasons why!! I will try and do better in the future as hate missing out on all your news!

I can honestly say that 2015 was the most shittiest year for me & my family that we have ever endured. As Hollywood posted on FB it seemed we were continuously smacked with knockout punch after punch and that was how it felt. I just seemed to be scrabbling back onto my feet when another punch came & sent me back down again.

It was an extremely difficult christmas & new year and I can't say that I enjoyed the time, it was a case of getting through it all together and holding the memories of our lost loved ones close to our hearts! I actually found New Year harder to cope with than Christmas as I felt as though I was leaving my loved ones behind & got very down & depressed by it all. I know there will be dark times ahead but together as a family we find the strength to cope and in time the raw heartbreak will ease.

I want to thank everyone who sent messages or posted on FB their words of sympathy after all we went through, it really did help to know you were thinking of us & so very much appreciated. So thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

I intended to try and get some proper training in for VLM over the holidays whilst off work as with all that had been going on I just didnt have the energy or enthusiam to get out there but was knocked sideways with the nasty cold/chest virus that was doing the rounds and it took over 2 weeks to clear so running was non-extistant!

So now onto 2016 & hopefully better times ahead. Now that the yukky virus has finally shifted me & Mr B will be back up to 3 times a week training and building up the longer runs at the weekend. It is only 14 weeks now until London so the time & dedication to training has got to be put in. I feel better mentally ready now, just hope my old body is prepared!! 

Sadly we did not enter Snowdon for this year, it is going to be a big year for changes as Tony leaves the army after his 22 years service & will be settling into an new job & also we have to deal with Mums house and sorting that all out so we didn't want to commit to a summer of training and stress ourselves out especially after last year!!  But we have booked into a B&B for the weekend and will be there with you all as the cheering squad and joining the walking expeditions up Snowdon!!

So here's to another great year for the RB runners & I hope I can do you proud in my future events this year!




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