Just a quickie!

Posted on: 19 Mar 2015

Hi all,

It's been interesting and entertaining catching up on all your blogs over the past week or so. Lots of events for bloggers quickly approaching & excited nerves now showing!

Nothing much exciting I'm afraid to report from me. Didn't get any training in over the weekend as we had Tonys boys up hence a busy few days with them and training fell to the wayside.

Therefore I'd planned to get out and do a couple of training runs this week before our 20miler this coming weekend, but miffed off as have been full of cold all week and haven't had the inclination or energy to get out at all........grrrrrrrrr! 

I intended to try and get out this evening but still feeling pretty grotty and do not feel like running at all - so will now just be aiming for the biggie on Saturday. Not ideal after not being out for over a week but hopefully I should still be OK? Will just rest as much as I can till then and try and shift this cold. Thankfully I'm not at work tomorrow so a good day to restore enegery levels and consume lots of carbs in prep. As I've not been well my aim is just to get through the 20 miles and not worry too much about the time! Fingers crossed.

Happy & Healthy traning everyone :-) 


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