From colon to cold run

Posted on: 19 Feb 2016

It's cold here in Plymouth, I swear down. The weather here has been utterly miserable. It has been just about two weeks since I was offered a place to run the London Marathon in aid of The Brain Research Trust and the generous donations that I have received have helped boost my moral. I pull up my socks, don my fleece and get on-a-running with a sadistic smile on my face; ready to face whatever slaps of cold and terrential downpour Devon has to offer. Today was no exception! After a morning in hospital watching colonoscopies I decided I needed some fresh air from the smelly affair and went on a dirty 10 mile run down and around Saltram Wood.

There's something that really resonates deep inside me when I run off of pavement. I can't recommend it enough. You feel in tune with your body, with your breathing, with your mind in a way that can only be described as living... It is moments like these that makes me realise how fortunate I am to be physically capable of going out for a run when I please. I'm not running the London Marathon for my own selfish enjoyment- I am running to fund research into the most devestating neurological conditions like Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis. I would, as I'm sure you all would, like to face my patients, friends and family in the future and truthfully be able to tell them that I have done everything I could, now and throughout my life, to help. And with your help I will push myself to run the distance and we can really make a difference! You'll be funding four of the top ten most highly cited neuroscientists in the world at the Institute of Neurology. They rely entirely on fundrasiers and get no government grants. I have faith in their electrifying research and that our understanding of the human brain is about to make a quantum leap. Let's be a part of that.

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Thank you and I'll be running!

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