A stitch in mine saves time

Posted on: 21 Mar 2016

After one of the greatest weeks of running I have ever had I am left to reflect with 30 miles under my belt and some pleasing sore calves to boot (don't worry- I'll roll 'em). Did I just use the adjectives pleasing and sore to describe my calves? Surely an oxymoron? Well not exactly. The lesson I have learnt this week is that I love having a stitch! That's right- I love the sharp pain I feel, specifically in my right flank, that I get when I truly exert myself. I have been running 4 1/2 - 5 minute kilometres this week. My hope is that I can sustain that for 42km. I still have a long month ahead of me in conditioning myself and making that speed my natural and comfortable speed. It's a stitch that is telling me that I am working hard in improving my marathon time! Don't get me wrong... I hope that soon I won't have to put up with a stitch as often but as of now I am welcoming it as a close friend and then subsequently grabbing it by the collar and throwing it out the back door.

On that note- if you are interested- I find that the best method to avoid or recover qucikly from a nasty ol' stitch is to focus entirely on breathing calmly and deeply for a couple of minutes and not over exerting yourself in the meanwhile.

I'll have to step up my core training too *shudders*


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Time is running out and so am I :P

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