Unleash the battering Rhino

Posted on: 11 Mar 2016

I've lost a lot of fitness since I last posted. Eeek! The powers that be threw a tough and delibilating cold at me just after I had a tough tussle with an Applied Medical Knowledge examination to boot. Six weeks before the race and I have just got my running shoes back on (heck, I've only just got out the house).

I burst through my front door and licked the cold spring air. I made my way out through the concrete jungle to my local paradise, my local park. I found myself coughing out the very last Rhinovirus agents out of my upper respiratory tract. My heart and lungs said hello and with a little resistance got back into the torture chamber that is my thorax whilst running. Also, much to my dismay I had a little belly to rest on when I found myself out of breath around the hills in the park... Oops! How am I going to find my fitness again? Well, well my colleague that's the right question -> With only six weeks to go until the marathon I am going to have to step up my running and core training big time. I can see The Mall looming long round the corner. I want to smash it. I want to do all of you that have and will support me proud!! :D So get ready for a lot more blog posts and a lot more effort and cold mornings!! My nasty cold is behind me and I now have a big month ahead of me in terms of medical school work, running and fundraising. 

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