55 sleeps to go!!

Posted on: 29 Feb 2016

Afternoon to all my fellow buzzers,

Hope you are all well. Thanks to all of you who read & commented on my last blog, always good to receive your advice & comments.

Work has been so hectic over the past few weeks as the motorsport team I work for were preparing to head off to spain for a weeks testing (sadly I was left behind!!) & it was just crazy sorting the logistics for 20 guys & 2 trucks & cars only for plans to change (not once but twice!) so rescheduling & rebooking flights/hotels etc kept me very busy! Thankfully after they headed off last week I could breathe a small sigh of relief that they got away OK and arrived in the correct city on the right day with the right car!! Although I see it will be the calm before the next storm i.e. when the racing season starts in April! But hey, makes the working days go quickly!

So I'm finally catching up today with your blogs. It looks like training mileage is being ramped up for all the forthcoming events & the LSRs now being planned & incorporated.

Well as in my blog title it is only 55 sleeps until the VLM & I can't believe how close it is getting. Where has the time gone, can't believe it is already March tomorrow! So that must mean Manchester & Brighton are even closer!

So with the weeks ticking away I have been following my training plan, due to work commitments during the week & not getting home till half 6 the shorter runs still being done during the week & the LRs planned for the weekends.

Sadly Mr Bs calf has still been playing up again & he had to stop on one of our mid-week shorter runs last week and walk home, so on advice from his physio he was advised to rest it for a couple of weeks therefore I have been going it alone.

I don't mind doing the shorter runs by myself but after all the training with him previously I am not overly keen on going out on the long runs alone, I know some people love the solitude and some small part of me does as I can float off into my own little world & chat to myself in my head (I'm not crazy I promise!!) & not have to be sociable but I do miss him being there & the support from him when the miles get tougher. But I guess that this can only make me a stronger runner in myself - well I'm hoping so anyway?

The weekend before last I had planned a half marathon route on the outskirts of Bicester & set off on a sunny Sunday morning, drink & gels on board. It was a lovely day and about a mile in I started to get quite warm so took my jacket off and it was so lovely to feel a bit of the suns warmth for a change and not the biting wind!

I always find when I first set off that the first 2-3 miles are quite tiring on my legs until I get into a running rhythm & just want to stop (is this normal?) so thought I would try a little experiment on this long run to see if it helped & included a small period of run/walk strategy until my legs started to feel a bit more warmed up & in running mode. 

I felt a bit of a cheater that I had put the run/walk in so early on into the run but rather than start to feel really tired after getting into double figures of mileage & slowing to a snail pace my legs might feel a bit bit fresher & the following miles wont seem so daunting. I must admit I am finding the longer runs much more tiring this time round & feel so exhausted the next day but I guess at the grand old age of 55 it is taking its toll on my body so at this time not sure if London will be my last full marathon & will just stick to smaller distances in the future!

Whether the run/walk stragegy so early on is the right way to go but it did seem to help me, I felt much fresher for the remaining miles and was enjoying the run. As I said at the beginning of the blog I intended to get half marathon distance under my belt but around mile 7 my left calf started to get a little niggle, nothing to make me want to stop but it just didnt feel "right" & also felt a bit tight. I stopped to give it a little stretch & then carry on but could still feel it niggling with each pace. I was more or less at the halfway point in the route where I was due to head about a mile out along a country road & back in again but decided to cut it that bit short, continue with the rest of the run & head home. To add insult to inury I didnt see a branch sticking out into the pathway & it smacked right into my face so had a lovely cut just below my eye - thankfully I had sunglesses on so didnt get my eye!

The rest of the run went without further mishap & although my calf felt tight I managed to tick off just under 12 miles so although I was disappointed I didnt get to do the full 13 miles I was happyish with that. I also done it 10 minutes quicker than previous runs of the same mileage so maybe the run/walk at the start in training runs might be the way to go for me - only time will tell!

Once home & after a good stretch session & shower I gave my achey calf a good going over with the roller but still didnt feel right. I didn't think there was anything major going on but erred on the side of caution & rested it for a few days as didnt want to be in the same boat as Mr B with a knackered calf this close to the event!

Last weekend was a bit of a hectic one so I only had a 10k run planned (Mr B still resting his calf!) It was a beautiful morning again & was lovely to be out in the fresh air enjoying the sunshine & was chuffed to bits to see I had taken 2 minutes off my previous time for the 10K. I was slightly miffed though as my calf still did not feel 100% so have booked in to see physio this Friday & have a sports massage as want to get it checked out.

I hope all is OK as have a 15 miler planned for this weekend, I think Mr B will be joining me on the bike as he doesnt want to head out for that long a run on his recovering calf! I'm just praying that he will be OK for London as I will dread it if I have to go it alone!!!!!!

Happy & healthy running to you all :-)





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