Just a little hiccup! (I hope!)

Posted on: 26 Jan 2016

Good evening everyone, 

Have spent the last couple of evenings catching up on all the blogs on here, it seems to be the time that blogging by both oldies and newbies picks up again, I might have to give up working just to cram them all in! 

Well after last year and running being more or less non-existent I must admit after all we went through I really didn't know if I would get the urge to ever run again. my running mojo had definitely upped & left!  I was finding it hard enough to get out of bed and get dressed some days let alone run! I know some advised that getting out there might help but I just couldn't find the energy or enthusiasm - I just felt so bloody down & crap about it all. Life can really knock you sideways (or in my case full on!) sometimes.

thankfully those horrible dark days are slowly fading and although we still have difficult times ahead I am starting to think that life can be good again & not continuously blubbering most of the time! 

So have finally dusted off my lonely running shoes & Training plan has been put back into place for London and all seemed to be going ok until last Saturday. 

I ran on Friday morning and me & Mr B headed back out on Saturday morning with an 8-9 miles run planned. We got about a third of the way through a circular route but my right thigh was starting to tighten up & also getting a niggle in my right knee, I tried to carry on but something did just not feel right and I kept getting the sharp pain on the left side of the knee so although I was bloody miffed at myself for giving up so easily I decided to cut the run short and head home as did not want to cause worse damage at this stage and put my training back even further.

i called the place where we go for our sports massages when we got back and they got me in that afternoon so they could take a look. As I hadn't had a decent massage for a while I was definitely in need of some work doing! And boy did she work at it - ouch! Very knotty In there! Thankfully my thigh felt much better afterwards though. And although she couldn't find anything major wrong with my knee She did advise to make sure that I stretch properly both pre & post run as I can sometimes be guilty of not stretching properly and she thought this might be why I was getting the knee niggle. She also mentioned that the stressful times I had been going through might have contributed to my body being out of sorts! She said it might help to rest it for a couple of days but to go back if any further pain. 

Me & Mr B intended to head out tonight but he had a chiropractor appointment today & took a bit of a pounding so advised to not run on the same day so run put back till tomorrow. I was going to pop out for a little run to see how the knee was but hubby doesn't like me going out in the dark on my own so I guess another days rest will help! 

Anyway best sign off now as things to prep for work tomorrow!

night all & happy running 😄😄

p.s. I have nagged Mr B ref his blogging or rather lack of it - so watch this space! 

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