Apologies to the RB heros and legends.

Posted on: 29 Apr 2015

Dear all,

This is a difficult blog to write today and I apologise to everyone for including them in one post and not replying to individual blogs. I hope you forgive me when I expain why below.

I was away last weekend but tried ( & even with bad internet) to keep up to date with how you the RBs were doing in London. It was a hectic weekend away and was looking forward to reading all the VLM blogs over the next few days.

It was hectic at work on the Monday and had a busy evening so did not catch up on here and intended to read all the wonderful blogs from runners and supporters alike over the next day or so.

To explain a bit my sons (kieran) father (Rory) lived and worked in Malta, and although we split up a few years ago we all remained good friends and remained very close and still a good family unit. Me, Tony and Kieran used to holiday over there.

I was awoken early yesterday morning by Rorys partner who was in utter distress and informed me that Rory had suffered a sudden heart attack in the night and tragically passed away. He was only 46 and no signs of illness so to hear this was totally unbelievable.

I have lost both my father and stepfather to heart related illnesses and dealing with both their deaths was dreadful but to have to wake my 17 year old son and tell him the news that his father had died was the worst thing I have ever had to do, and to see his face take in this news was just devastating. My heart broke for him.

We then had to go and see Rorys mother and father and break the news to them. This is something I never want to witness again. The pain of their faces was so distressing. No parent should have to bury a child, no matter how old.

As I said we are a close family network so Kieran, Me & Tony stayed with Annie & Joe (Rorys parents) to help sort all the arrangements as they could not do this alone as so upsetting for them, the arrangemnets made even more difficult as we have to get Rory back from Malta. So the next week or so is going to be so very difficult for everyone, before we even have his burial. So yesterday was a very difficult day for all.

I tried to sit down last night (well middle of the night as not sleeping) and tried to catch up on here but my head could just not take the words in. And when I read them I want to read them properly.

This is where I give my aplogies again to you all by not commenting on each & every blog. So I just want to send my huge congratulations to all who took part in the VLM and hope you had an amazing day - you are all LEGENDS!! and also well done to all the RBs who went up to support or volunteer, you are all amazing.

I promise I will read each blog when I can but I just didn't want you to think I am ignoring you all, especially after all the wonderful support you have given me.

Well done again one and all.

I may not be on here over the next week or so but I won't be far away.

Happy running all




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