It's taper time!

Posted on: 23 Mar 2015

Good evening all,

Thanks for all your comments on my last blog, have been trying to catch up this evening on all yours as fallen behind again!

As I mentioned in my previous blog I'd been suffering with a bad cold/cough most of last week and hadn't been out running at all but had a 20 miler planned for the Saturday, depending on how I was feeling. 

I don't work Fridays so tend to use this day getting the boring housework etc out of the way. as I hadn't been feeling great I intended to just do a wee bit of housework  and then rest in the hope of shifting the cold in time for the following days run. So after watching the eclipse through the clouds (bit of an anti climax?) I headed back onto the sofa expecting a relatively lazy day but the weather had other ideas!  

The clouds from earlier had suddenly disappeared and beautiful clear blue skies were in their place. I do hate to miss a sunny day so what housework I had planned was shoved aside and stepped outside to tackle a little bit of gardening to clear the cobwebs and thought the fresh air might do me some good!

So much for a little bit of gardening as ended up being out there for 7 hours (Didn't even realise that the time had ticked away!) needless to say I was absolutely shattered when I went in and although it was lovely to get the front garden ready for spring I was a bit peeved at myself as really should have used this time to rest and shift the lurgy as really wanted to do the run the next day.

Anyway after a carb loaded dinner I took my tired old body off to bed. 

Saturday morning soon came round and awoke still not feeling 100% clear of the cold and sensible me would have postponed the run but I don't always do sensible so decided to just go ahead and give it a ago! 

Mr B had planned a route along the Thames Path from Abingdon to Oxford and back to Abingdon again. The run had us starting at a car park on the outskirts of Abingdon as thought it would be quiet at that time of the morning but when we got there it was absolutely crammed and not one space free!! Who the heck was out at this time of day? We then spotted a number of runners and realised this was where the local park run took place and busier than normal as the Didcot parkrun was cancelled. Knowing this we just hovered about in the car till the first runners finished and then nabbed a space. 

We eventually set off and soon settled into a nice steady pace and for the first few miles I felt ok. It was a lovely, peaceful run along the river with lots of wildlife to admire and some beautiful waterfront properties to lust over. Sadly we had none of the sunshine of the previous day and found ourselves running into a strong cold north wind. It was about mile 9 that I started to feel absolutely awful and the effects of the cold I'd been suffering from started to hinder me and I just wanted to stop! but only another mile or so to push and we would be at the turnaround point at Oxford where I could have few minutes rest taking on a gel and some lucozade sport. Tried the gels they will be giving out at Brighton and seem ok, not so gloopy as the lucozade ones. 

It was so hard to turn round and head back again knowing I had another 10 miles in front of me as I was aching all over and getting the 'cold sweats' but had no choice really as that was where the car was lol. To be honest the run back was a bit of a blur as I felt so bloody rotten and was struggling to keep going so suggested to Mr B to try Gaelles run/walk strategy and it certainly did help get me through those last tough miles. in the end we covered 20.3 miles in 4hrs 36mins and although it was a difficult run for me I know if I can cover 20 miles feeling rough I should have no problems getting through Brighton. But 2 lessons have been learnt, in my case probably best not to do 7 hrs of gardening the day before a big run and also not to run when still have a cold! 

One amusing part of the run (well for Mr B) was on the way back and I tried to climb over a stile, my tired little legs just couldn't lift me over so I just sort of belly flopped over like a wet fish, not very elegant but it got me over!

Sunday was spent mostly lazing about & enjoying the scrummy roast dinner cooked by Mr B! 

But now onto the taper and Brighton in just over 2 weeks! Hopefully this cold will have shifted by then!! 

Happy training all 😄

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