The Buzzers are Snowdon Bound!!!

Posted on: 22 Oct 2015

Hi all,

I hear via the grapevine that there may be a small buzzer event happening this weekend!!! :-)

So I thought I'd had better take some time out of my lunchbreak to pop on here and wish all those running & supporting the event a fun and successful weekend. I will update you on my VLM training & general life matters on another blog later as this one is purely written for those amazing, fearless, legendary buzzers who are tackling Snowdonia Marathon this weekend.

So to Hobs, Jim, Libby, David W, Sir Bolty, Jenny, RD, Gaelle, Angus, Katie, Ali, Moose, Rob B, Jane, Marek (apologies - I hope I havent forgotten anyone!) and last but in no ways least the wonderful and so supportive to all us buzzers the great HOLLYWOODDAVE, for whom this is going to be such an emotional weekend for him, I wish you all  a wonderful, amazing, fun, successful & brilliant weekend. I have every faith in each & every one of you that the course is going to get battered & left beaten behind you. What a fearless group of people you are and I am in awe of you all.

My only regret is that I cannot stand beside you on the start line this year (you will never know how gutted I am & I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I type as so wanted to be there) but if you are are crazy enough to go back in 2016 I will be there as after the VLM Snowdon will be my next & maybe final BIG challenge as my old body is getting tired!!

So once again go forth and conquer Snowdon. I shall be here tracking you all & seeing you home.

Safe travels, safe running and enjoy the after guys are bloody brilliant & I am proud to call you my RB friends.

Can't wait for the blogs!!!! :-)


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