Dulwich Parkrun No. 7 and Session 39 Sunday 20th October

Posted on: 20 Oct 2013

Yesterdays parkrun went okay.  No PB's but 2 girls behind me - just hope they turn up again next week!!!  Results

Sunday run: Programme said Jog/Run combo totalling 85mins.  I finished at 84mins 17 seconds, so I counted it as 85mins.

9.2km @ 6.5km/ph (909 kcals and 12945 steps) Furthest one to date.

Had planned to be out at 6am but it's Sunday and it was raining so sneaked out at 6.30am instead.  Took a torch with me as my planned route went under a railway and the underpass is always really dark, but today it was brightly lit but still used the torch on the road as it got quite dark under the trees.  Contemplated maybe buying some cyclist lights, a little flashy white one maybe?

Anyway, the start went really well, after I'd taken my jacket off and tied it back to front around  my waist (white lining).  Practically flew along the road, then cottoned on - I was going down a slight 'hill', didnt' last long and I was soon breathless, so went back to my normal pace (slow).   Didn't notice a puddle and got a wet foot but it seemed to dry out at least once it warmed up I didn't notice it again.

Managed to get across the main roads without too long a wait (another plus to being out early).  Then carried on towards Ravensbourne Railway station.  Passed a dog walker on the other side of the road and shouted a slightly breathless 'Morning' to him and he responded the same (he wasn't breathless though!).

Checked the watch at the station and decided it was time to turn for home (40mins).  So turned right into Ravensbourne Road and plodded along to the next right turn (back up the hill) and got a greeting of 'Morning again' from the same dog walker.  He must have been going 'around the block'.  I said the same and carried on up the hill.  Took the wrong turning and went back and carried on to The Avenue then it was a long stretch back to the main road.  The going was rough as the road is not paved so it was like running in the country.  But I didn't mind it, it made a change.  

At about an hour I started to feel really tired and started to think that maybe I should have had a banana before I set off?  Maybe next time.  But pushed on and up over the railway bridge, down into the park (nearly kicked a crow having a nibble by the side of the path) then back along the road (passed Kent House Railway station and onto home).  Realised I was about 10 mins ahead of time so divereted towards the high street and back down St Johns, still ahead so took a left and then ended up in the station car park. Only went round once then headed home (across the road).  The pace by this time was little more than a bobbing walk, but I'd kept going.

Observations:  Two foxes, the dog-walker, the crow, heard a Jay, passed at least 3 pedestrians  (one smoker - urgh - he forced me into the road to get passed him, wish I could expel stinky air towards them at will, but I'm a lady!)  Oh and I glimpsed the moon from behind some clouds which was rather pretty.  All in All, slow going but I rather enjoyed it.

Had a stretch but still feeling a bit stiff.

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