Session 37 - Thursday 10th October

Posted on: 11 Oct 2013

Horrid day at work yesterday so went out for my 70min jog this morning.

Very dark and quite chilly at 6.05am but warmed up quickly by heading up the hill towards Crystal Palace, (nice and slowly) then along the road (up'd the pace a bit) and down the hill towards Sydenham (careful not to go too fast didn't want to fall over).

Through the town, French patisserie wasn't open but I could smell the bread.  Learnt a valuable lesson, not to pass the bus stop when the bus arrives - very tricky manoeuvring around the people trying to get onto the bus followed by avoiding the ones getting off and dawdling right in front of one.  But survived.

Got past the traffic lights without having to stop (wohoo) then carried on along the main road till I hit Kent House Rd.  Bit of a slog so followed the shortcut (Green Chain Walk) through towards the Recreation Park.  Arrived there about 7am, so did a circuit and a half then walked home.  The sun wasn't up but it had brightened up by that point.  Even a few wood pigeons on the green.  Oh and one jogger said a "Good Morning" as we puffed past each other in opposite directions.

Felt so much better afterwards.  Still miserable but no longer depressed.

Forgot 7.8km @ 6.6km/ph average.

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