Week Seven day 25 - Monday 12th August

Posted on: 12 Aug 2013

Jog 30min

Back to the Virgin Beginnings Training plan today (had a break yesterday).  Excuse time: Well as you know on Saturday I had a go at a parkrun, later that day hubby and myself went for a little walk in the Kent countryside (3.5 mile planned).  Got lost, ended up walking 5.5miles instead - Totally Shattered yesterday and I had to go into work.  So I decided to have a day off).

Back to Alexandra Red Park, 6.20am, bit overcast.  Decided to go on the extended circuit today.  Just as I started on my first lap, one of the dog-walkers I see most days (she has a King Charles doggie I think) but never to exchange a greeting with spoke to me!  Adding "I admire your dedication!"  Wow..  I was well chuffed.  Thanked her and carried on.   She was the first of four today, Second was a 'hoodie' lad with a doberman, he'd been playing fetch but the dog lost his ball and the hoodie lad had to go into the bushes to find it for him.  We exchanged smiles and greetings. Then there was a lady with a fluffy chihuahua, finally the elderly chap with a ladrador.

Oh the run..  got round non-stop, nice slow, steady pace.  Think I'd set off a hint fast but reigned myself in and completed 3.3km @ 6.6km pace.  

Intend saving the next session (35mins jog) for Friday as I want to go to Dulwich again next Saturday to hopefully improve my time and maybe position.  I've got an age grade of: 42.73%  Is that okay or terrible?  Will it improve if I get a smidge faster?

Back Friday.  Cheers

A designatied pathway through a field of barley, but going in the wrong direction!  Doh!


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