Week One, day 3 - Tuesday 2nd July

Posted on: 03 Jul 2013

Jog 10 mins, Walk 10 mins, Jog 5 mins

Tuesday morning, 2nd July.  Nice morning again, set out early after my warm-ups, arrived about 6.30am at the park prepared for a longer session. 

Set out full of high expectations, but was completely puffed out to the limit at the stroke of 10 mins, really needed that 10 minute walk to get my puff back.  Felt stiff and a bit achy when starting again for the final 5 mins.  Don’t know how I managed it but got there in the end.  Almost counting the seconds down.

Not so much sunshine today, but not chilly.  Still quite a few dog walkers and a couple of joggers.

My complexion took a long time to calm down today, I was very red for over half an hour today.

Rest day 1 on the EA Fitness thankfully.  I would like to try to get my ‘rest day’ for the marathon training on the Thursday instead of Saturday, just not sure how I’d manage it.  Unless I can get over to do a session in the afternoon?

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