Dulwich ParkRun No. 2

Posted on: 19 Aug 2013

At least I know the way to the park now.  A young girl (in jogging shorts) was on my train and got off at West Dulwich, even headed in the same direction, but then met up with a friend, consulted her phone and they disappeared off in a different direction.  They turned up 10min after me at the start - so I may be last to the finish but I beat her to the start!

Doh! Sorry, Spoiler Alert!  Yes, I came last again (166th in fact) but.. drum roll please - a new PB 39mins and 49secs.  My email told me that I'd trimmed it by 24 seconds.  And I got a lovely cheer and a round of applause at the finish.  (I could get used to that).

One of last weeks volunteers came over for a chat at the gathering before the start, didn't get a name but she was very nice.  She'd recognised me from last week!  Told me that it had taken her a year to pluck up enough courage to join in the parkrun after she'd started jogging.  

Weather was hot and sunny in the morning (I had been making my excuses to myself on the way round for not improving, but didn't need it, WooHoo!).  

Tell you what's a little dispiriting...  Everyone sprinting off at the start and leaving me well behind, then seeing them all finishing as I start my third circuit.  There is a hint of temptation to join them and pretend I'd finished but would never have the courage to do that - and who would I be lying to?  Myself of course, so what would be the point!  

Actually, that's something the volunteer lady explained to me, because the course is flat, it encourages a lot of speedy types who are hoping to get really good times, so it tends to be a fast course.  At least they don't need their Tail-end Runner with me in the line-up!   Perhaps I should volunteer for that position and still take part!

I just want to get round without having to resort to walking great stretches.  But I know I walked less this week, my pedometer told me so.  I ditched the watch as Rob suggested though and that helped (Thank you).

Looking forward to next week (hope it's not too hot).


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